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East Tennessee Environmental Conference

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2010                                                                                  top^

Admitting What You Emit: New EPA GHG Reporting Rule    6.2 MB

Ben Bolton               Center For Toxicology and Environmental Health, LLC

        Rick Bolton               Center For Toxicology and Environmental Health, LLC

Air Quality Issues in Tennessee    14.7 MB

Quincy Styke               Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Alternative Fuels Education and Outreach    1.3 MB

    Alternative Fuels Jeopardy     0.2 MB

Emily DeVillers              East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition

Bringing Solar Energy into the Mainstream    3.8 MB

Brownie Newman               FLS Energy

Brownfields in Small Communities    1.7 MB

Paula Larson               Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

        Casey Mitchell             First Tennessee Development District

Chemistry Workshop:   

    Environmental Chemistry Made Easy for Site Remediation     33.1 MB

    Reid Phase Separation Video     8.0 MB

    Reid Phase Separation Video with Float      3.8 MB

        George Ivey               Ivey International, Inc.

Creative Kids Environmental Service Learning Projects    4.5 MB

Connie Bond             Huntingdon Primary School

Economic Benefits of a Healthy Watershed    1.2 MB

Gary Barrigar               Boone Watershed Partnership

Energy Success Story: Denso Manufacturing    4.3 MB

                                                                                            VIDEO   5.0 MB

Mike Fontinell              DENSO Manufacturing, Maryville Tennessee

Financing Renewable Energy    5.0 MB

John Atkins, Jr.         TerraShares Div, Atkins Capital Advisors

Government Opportunities (and Challenges) for Financing Green Initiatives    2.4 MB

Mary Tiger               University of North Carolina

H1N1 Influenza Pandemic Update    1.7 MB

David Kirschke               Tennessee Department of Health

Hybrid Joined Drives: Electric Vehicles    1.7 MB

David Hrivnak              

MS4s in Tennessee    0.9 MB

Robert Karesh               Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

MS4s Sharing Resources    3.1 MB

                        TNSA Hunters VIDEO   1.6 MB

                        TNSA Hunters Audio    1.5 MB

John C. Chlarson           Tennessee Stormwater Association

        Cynthia Allen                  Tennessee Waterworks!

Ozone in Tennessee    1.9 MB

Robert Martineau            Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP

John Shippe                    CTEH

Pervious Concrete - Avenue Bank Video    100.0 MB

                                                          Finley Stadium VIDEO   88.0 MB

                                                          Pervious Placement Methods VIDEO   128.4 MB

Alan Sparkman               Tennessee Concrete Association

Pictures of Earth    1.9 MB

Unknown Presenter              

Propane AutoGas - Clean Vehicle Conversions & Fueling    3.5 MB

                                                                                            VIDEO   7.8 MB

Steve Whaley               Alliance AutoGas

Purchasing Analytical Services    0.3 MB

Jennifer Gable               Environmental Standards, Inc.

Spotlight on Non-Traditional Disease Surveillance: Syndromic Surveillance and FoodNet    12.5 MB

Donna Garland-Robbins               Tennessee Department of Health

Sustainable Environmental Solutions in Remediation    1.6 MB

Michael R. Corn             AquAeter, Inc.

        Miriam Sielbeck             AquAeter, Inc.

Sustainable Remediation    0.8 MB

Shaun Gilday               Environmental Standards, Inc.

TVA Ash Site in Kingston (TDH)    5.1 MB

David Borowski             Tennessee Department of Health

TVA Ash Site in Kingston (ATSDR)    1.0 MB

Trent LeCoultre               CDC: ATSDR

TVA Ash Site in Kingston (TVA)    2.1 MB

                                                                VIDEO    3.8 MB

                                                                VIDEO    3.8 MB

Steve McCracken               Tennessee Valley Authority

TVA Ash Site in Kingston (TDEC)    4.1 MB

Barbara Scott               Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Teacher's Workshop:   

    Workshop Overview: Think Globally Act Locally     5.6 MB

    The Egg Perspective     0.2 MB

    Leadership Training      0.1 MB

    Square and Web Activity      0.2 MB

    Teambuilding 101      0.3 MB

    What's Your Leadership Style?      1.0 MB

    Lion, Fox, St. Bernard, & Monkey      0.7 MB

    Answers      0.8 MB

        Donna Burrus               Fayette Academy

Teaching Permaculture & Permaculture Teaching    0.3 MB

Peter Kindfield               The Farm Community

Tennessee's Waste Reduction Goal    0.8 MB

Joyce Dunlap               TDEC, Division of Solid Waste Management

Transportation Conformity in Tennessee    4.5 MB

Alan Jones               Tennessee Department of Transportation

Watershed Partnerships - Economic Benefits of a Healthy Watershed    20.0 MB

Gary Barrigar            Boone Watershed Partnership

2009                                                                                  top^

ATSDR and State Health Departments: An Environmental Health Partnership    2.5 MB

Trent D. LeCoultre        Agency for Toxic Substances Disease Registry

Alternative Fuels In Tennessee    3.4 MB

Alan Jones                    Tennessee Department of Transportation

Atmospheric Deposition of Mercury    3.3 MB

Overview of Air Quality Issues in Tennessee    9.4 MB

TVA Notes    1.1 MB

Quincy Styke                 Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Best Practices in Waste Management    0.6 MB

Isaac Powell                  3e Technical Services

Bogs and Buck$: Stream and Wetland Mitigation Pays for Conservation in Northeast Tennessee    4.3 MB

Gabrielle Call                    The Nature Conservancy Tennessee Chapter

Brownfields Grant Opportunities and Success Stories in Tennessee    2.9 MB

Paula Larson                 Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

The Case for High Performance Construction    27.0 MB

Barry Westbrook            DocAir, LLC

The Challenges of Manufactured Stormwater Treatment Devices    1.8 MB

Johann Coetzee            City of Elizabethton

Communicating Green Initiatives    3.0 MB

William Paddock            WAP Sustainability Consulting

Memo on Energy Efficiency Provisions of Stimulus Act (ARRA)    0.1 MB

Alex Tapia                     Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

Environmental and Safety Issues from an Investor's Viewpoint    0.3 MB

Glen Yelton                    IW Financial

Environmental Management Meets Continuous Improvement Process    4.3 MB

Paul Platillero                Strata Environmental

Environmental Stewardship and Transportation in Tennessee    0.9 MB

Ed Cole                             Tennessee Department of Transportation

Going Green to Increase Profits, Competitiveness, Marketing and Bottom Line    40.0 MB

Handouts:    Recession Pain Relief    TerraShares Services    CEO Letter

John Atkins                        Atkins Capital Advisors, Terrashares Division

Green Business Certification Programs: An Overview    3.8 MB

Charles Jobe                 Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Health Care Professionals: Leaders for Healthy Community Design    6.6 MB

Handouts:    Empowering Health Professionals    Sidewalks - A Smart Investment

Kathleen Beine                  ETSU Department of Family Medicine

An Inconvenient Truth About a Convenient Technology    4.1 MB

Will Van Inwagen           The Wellness Way Chiropractic

In-Situ Chemical Oxidation for Groundwater and Soil Remediation    3.5 MB

Matthew Derby               Groundwater and Environmental Services, Inc.

Lenoir Car Works Site    10.2 MB

Joseph George              Tennessee Department of Health

Managing Wet Weather with Green Infrastructure    19.1 MB

Nancy Arazan                    EPA Green Infrastructure

Measuring, Monitoring and Metrics: Saving Electricity with Smart Choices    1.5 MB

Will Tompkins                Baldor Electric Company

NPDES Permit for Discharges from MS4s    2.3 MB

Robert Karesh               Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

New Definition of Solid Waste    0.8 MB

Handouts:    Federal Register Final Rule    Fact Sheet    FAQ    Solid Waste Rule Making Summary

                        Sierra Club Petition    State's Perspective

Garey Mabry                       TDEC, Solid Waste Management

Off-Gas Treatment Via Refrigeration for Condensation and Chemical Recovery    88.5 MB

Movie Clip:    Geochemical Recovery   94.1 MB

Lowell Kessel                Good Earthkeeping Organization

A Process for Aligning Your Company's CSR Strategy with its Business Strategy     0.2 MB

Jeff Gowdy                    J. Gowdy Consulting

Stormwater Funding and TNSA Organization    8.1 MB

Andy Best                          City of Johnson City Stormwater

Surfactant Enhanced Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater    12.1 MB

George "Bud" Ivey         Ivey International, Inc.

Sustainable Tourism in the Tennessee Overhill    12.8 MB

Linda Caldwell               Tennessee Overhill Heritage Association

Sustainability and Green Building at Vanderbilt University    15.2 MB

Andrea George              Vanderbilt

TDEC Update    5.8 MB    Watershed Enhancement Pilot Project    2.7 MB

David Owenby               Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Tennessee Pollution Prevent Partnership Roundtable    0.1 MB

Curtis Hopper                Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Tools, Ideas and Strategy for  UST Petroleum Brownfields Revitalization    8.8 MB

Channing Bennett             EPA Petroleum Brownfields

University of Tennessee Biofuels Initiative    13.4 MB

Kelly Tiller                     University of Tennessee

Why Sustainable Tourism Makes Both Dollars and Sense    1.6 MB

Susan Whitaker             Tennessee Department of Tourist Development

2008                                                                                  top^

A Walk in the Park - Examples of BMPs for Water Quality Improvements-Goose Creek Part 1    65.7 MB

A Walk in the Park - Examples of BMPs for Water Quality Improvements in Goose Creek Part 2    30.0 MB

Water Resources Programs - TN Dept. of Agriculture    14.8 MB

Adam Williams            Brushy Fork Environmental Consulting, Inc.

Steve Henegar           Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Aligning Environmental Strategy with Business Strategy    0.01 MB

Jeff Gowdy                  J. Gowdy Consulting

Anatomy of a Clean-up    2.6 MB

Patrick Lynch               Calsonic

Atmospheric Deposition of Mercury    6.8 MB

Quincy Styke               Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Chattanooga Riverfront Renaissance    11.9 MB

Jim Bowen                  The RiverCity Company

Climate Change and Public Health    6.0 MB

David M. Borowski      Tennessee Department of Health

Continuous Improvement in Pollution Prevention    3.2 MB

Jeanette Widman        DENSO Manufacturing Athens Tennessee, Inc.

Coordinated School Health Program    3.1 MB

Joanna Nash               Kingsport City Schools

Creating a Sustainable Future for America's Cities    20.0 MB

Kellene Burn-Roy        CDM

Current Issues of Tennessee's Health    4.8 MB

Cathy Taylor                Tennessee Department of Health

Eastman's Community Advisory Panels    1.0 MB

Nancy Sue Swoger       EASTMAN

Wanda Valentine           EASTMAN

Employer/Employee Programs with Radon    0.4 MB

Walker Harmer               Marvin Windows and Doors of Tennessee

Employer/Employee Programs with Radon (TN)    0.4 MB

Lori Munkeboe               Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) - Capital Improvements without Capital Dollars    2.1 MB

John M. Knisley               Hodge Associates

Environmental Aspects:  Itís Your Process, Not Just a Permit    0.3 MB

Don Stone                       University of Tennessee - Center for Industrial Services

Establishing a Green House Gas (GHG) Inventory    0.7 MB

George Siple                    CDM

Federal and Regional Air Quality Updates    9.7 MB

Richard A. Schutt              EPA Region IV - Air Planning Branch

Getting Brownfields Redeveloped    2.5 MB

Bruce Hickman                  Hart and Hickman, PC

How to Pass an EPA RCRA Inspection    1.9 MB

Jackie Vega                      US EPA National Enforcement Investigations Center

How to Sell Your Environmental Project to Management    0.4 MB

Harding Aslinger                University of Tennessee - Center for Industrial Services

Industry/Recycling & Reuse of Solid Waste Materials    0.8 MB

Ahmed ElSawy                  Tennessee Tech - MIT Department

Integrated Health in the Workplace    0.3 MB

David Sensibaugh             EASTMAN

Iris Glen Landfill to Gas Project    4.8 MB

Phil Pindzola                       City of Johnson City Public Works

Local Biodiesel Production - We Are Open!    4.4 MB

Brian Hullette                    Nu-Energie, LLC

Joel Day                            Nu-Energie, LLC

Managing Special Event Waste & TN Litter Law Update    5.0 MB

Tom Salter                        Knox County Government Tennessee

MS4 NPDES Permit Program- City Perspective    8.2 MB

David Hagerman               City of Knoxville Tennessee

National Ambient Air Quality Standard Updates    2.6 MB

Quincy Styke                     Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

New Strategies in Funding and Implementing Energy Conservation    2.2 MB

Russ Nelson                      Energy Systems Group

Noise Compatible Land Use Planning    9.8 MB

Jim Ozment                        Tennessee Department of Transportation

Produce Food Safety - A Grower's Perspective    1.6 MB

Willette Crawford                Growers Express LLC

Return of the Natives    13.9 MB

John Amodeo                Carol R. Johnson Associates, Inc.

Smart Planning in Parks and Recreation    3.6 MB

Anne Marshall                    Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

State Park Award for Tennessee    NA

Jim Fyke                            Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Sustainable Forestry & Green Building    7.5 MB

Nick Safay                         Appalachian Sustainable Development

Sustainable Tennessee    3.2 MB

John McFadden                Tennessee Environmental Council

Tennessee Drug Task Force    0.1 MB

Lori Munkeboe                   Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Kim Harmon                       Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

The Tennessee Non-Smokers Protection Act    0.5 MB

Hugh Atkins                       Tennessee Department of Health

Watershed Studies: from TMDL to Implementation Plan    9.0 MB

Ingrid Luffman                    East Tennessee State University

Water-Water Reuse    2.2 MB

Alan Rimer                         BLACK & VEATCH International Company

Zoonotic Diseases in Tennessee    2.1 MB

Alice Green                        Tennessee Department of Health



2007                                            top^

A Balanced Approached to Conservation & Communities    2.2 MB

    Jim Fyke      Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Air Quality in Great Smoky Mountains National Park    6.0 MB

    Jim Renfro      National Park Service

Air Quality Issues in Tennessee    9.8 MB

    Quincy Styke      Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Brownfields and Sustainability : East Stone Commons, Kingsport    3.6 MB

    Jeff Fleming             City of Kingsport

       Cee Gee McCord     Kingsport Housing and Redevelopment Authority

CareSpark    2.1 MB

    Liesa Jo Jenkins      CareSpark

Challenges with Increased Traffic and Hazardous Spills    4.3 MB

    Jack Tolbert      Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Conservation Subdivision Design    11.2 MB

    David Tuch      Equinox Environmental

Direct Use of Landfill Gas for Economic Development    3.8 MB

    Stan Steury      Appalachian State University

Environmental and Economic Benefits of Buying Local    1.7 MB

    Roy Settle      Appalachian RC & D Council

Environmental Court    1.7 MB

    Greg Cross      Wise County Virginia Litter Control Department

Environmental Impact of Education on the Quality of Life    0.6 MB

    Dr. William Locke      Northeast State Technical Community College

Environmental Justice in Tennessee    0.1 MB

    Costin Shamble      Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Food Safety    0.9 MB

    Dr. Ann Draughon      University of Tennessee

Governor's Alternative Fuels Working Group    2.5 MB

    David Owenby      Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Health Status of Tennessee    2.2 MB

    Dr. Randy Wykoff      East Tennessee State University

Hey ... Do You Know What You're Breathing?    1.5 MB

    Henry Slack      Environmental Protection Agency

High Speed Rail:  MAGLEV    1.6 MB

    Joe Ferguson      The Enterprise Center        VIDEO CLIP    125 MB

Hospital Pollution Prevention    2.9 MB

    Doug Dulaney      Mountain Home VA Medical Center

Industry in a Non-Attainment Area    2.6 MB

    Mike Fontinell      DENSO

Keep Tennessee Beautiful: New Anti-Litter Campaign    2.4 MB

    Edith Heller      Keep Tennessee Beautiful    VIDEO CLIP    22.9 MB

Kilowatt Ours    (website link only)

    Jeff Barrie      Southern Energy Conservation Initiative

Low Impact Development    9.2 MB

    Todd Wood      DT Wood Engineering, Inc.

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4)     2.0 MB

    Robert Karesh      Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Music City Star    3.1 MB

    Allyson Shumate      Nashville Regional Transportation Authority

Natural Infrastructure for East Tennessee    20.0 MB

    Dodd Galbreath      URS Corporation

Passive Solar Homes    0.03 MB

    David Hrivnak      Hrivnak Family Web Page

TP3 Green Schools Program    4.5 MB

    Cynthia Rohrbach      Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

TVA: Progress in Air Quality    1.7 MB

    John Myers      TVA

UT Recycles, UT Cares    1.2 MB

    Sarah Surak      University of Tennessee

Unicoi County Nature Based Tourism Study    1.3 MB

    Andy Brown      Equinox Environmental

Vegetated Garden Roof Systems    3.4 MB

    Ralph P. Velasquez      TREMCO, Inc.

We Take It for Granted:  Safe Drinking Water    0.7 MB

    Gay Irwin      Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation



2006                                            top^

Air Quality - East Tennessee    2.7 MB

    Barry Stephens        Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Air Quality - Great Smoky Mountains National Park    5.3 MB

    Jim Renfro                Great Smoky Mountains National Park Service

Alternative Fuels:  Pros & Cons    1.1 MB

    Jonathan Overly       East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition

Biodiversity - Great Smoky Mountains National Park    8.5 MB

    Keith Langdon          Great Smoky Mountains National Park Service

Building Outside the Box    10.5 MB

    Dr. Gwen Griffith      Cumberland River Compact

Blount County Environmental Health Action Team    0.9 MB

    Carlos Yunsan         Blount County Health Department

Coordinated School Health - Tennessee    2.0 MB

    Connie Givens         Tennessee Department of Education

Disaster Planning - HAZUS    7.7 MB

    Nes Levotch             Emergency Mgmt. Agency - Washington County / Johnson City

    Glenn Berry              FEMA - Region IV

East Tennessee 2-Step Program    4.8 MB

    Michelle Moyers       Knox County Health Department

Environmental Epidemiology & Emergency Preparedness    0.8 MB

    La'Shan Taylor         Tennessee Department of Health - NE TN Regional Office

Food as a Weapon    0.4 MB

    Dr. Michael Blackwell        UT College of Veterinary Medicine

Integrating Management Systems for Sustainability    1.2 MB

    Cam Metcalf             Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center

Land Use Growth & Development    1.4 MB

    John Lamb               Blount County Planning Department

Link Between Health, Economics, & Environment   0.4 MB

    Dr. Jon Smith         ETSU - Bureau of Business & Economic Research

Honda Lean Network    2.0 MB

    Adrian Ridley         JTEKT-NA

Indoor Air Quality    1.3 MB

    Dr. Toni Bounds      Tennessee Department of Health - E TN Regional Office

ISO 14001    1.3 MB

    Rick Gehrke             NSF-International Strategic Registrations, Ltd.

Tennessee Pollution Partnership Roundtable (TP2R)    5.0 MB

    Sean Fisher             Bridgestone-Firestone

Tennessee's USTfields Pilot   2.6 MB     VIDEO CLIP    6.2 MB

    Mark Braswell          Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

TMDL - Overview & Implementation Progress    0.7 MB

    Nancy Norton           Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Transit in Tennessee - Creating & Sustaining Livability    3.1 MB

    Diane Davidson        Tennessee Department of Transportation 

Watershed as a Brownfield / Coal Creek Tennessee    2.3 MB

    Berny Ilgner             ARCADIS